Fosbury & Sons

Fosbury & Sons has an impressive coworking spot in WATT tower in Antwerp. It is a professional workplace where entrepreneurs, digital nomads and small or large companies come together.

Besides the various formulas and inspiring workspaces, you can eat here coworking member also serves daily breakfast, premium coffee and healthy lunch served by Coffee Labs .

Fosbury and sons - bergamot

Stijn inspirers and Martin call it ‘the renaissance of the work: a new way of working That Focuses on the needs of today’s generation. Fosbury & Sons takes 3000 m2 space on the first floor of the former Electrabel tower (built in 1958). An impressive space supported by concrete columns and 6 meters high windows overlooking the green King Albert. The interior (created by Going East Which includes the Veranda heating in progress) is a mix of old and new.}

Pure materials, attention to detail and an ethnic touch to make it complete. No classical offices here, but an impressive lobby, large desks, comfortable seating areas and a lot of open or closed casting leaks. Fosbury & Sons is a place That breathes vibrant New York and tergelijkertijd gives breathing space.

Besides follow lectures interesting and fun events, members can use the library and Sennheiser headphones or participate in sports classes.

Fosbury and sons - bergamot